Melcor Cultural Centre

Melcor Cultural Centre art gallery photo. 

Located at 35 - Fifth Avenue, just off of King Street, the Melcor Cultural Centre houses both the Art Gallery and the Spruce Grove Public Library. Completed in 2007, it offers residents the opportunity to immerse themselves in the literary and visual arts within their community.

Melcor Developments Municipal Art Collection

The City of Spruce Grove purchases original works of art, mostly by local Alberta artists, with the generous support of Melcor Developments Ltd. From a modest beginning in 1982, the Melcor Developments Municipal Art Collection has grown to well over 200 pieces.

For more information, call 780-962-2611 or e-mail our Director of Cultural Services Email

Many of these artworks are hanging in Spruce Grove's City Hall, at 315 Jespersen Avenue. Several pieces are on display in other civic locations such as Horizon Stage and the Spruce Grove Agrena. And, for the enjoyment of the entire community, a number of them can be seen in local businesses and other public spaces such as the Westview Health Centre.

The City of Spruce Grove wishes to acknowledge the invaluable sponsorship of Melcor Developments over these past thirty years. We look forward to continuing this collaboration in the very best tradition of public and private partnership.

The City also wishes to recognize the great contribution of the Allied Arts Council in fostering the visual arts in our community and for organizing the annual art competition from which the City's collection is chosen.

We hope you enjoy your electronic visit to the Melcor Developments Municipal Art Collection.