Business Opportunities

We're open for business!

There are over 1,200 resident businesses licensed in Spruce Grove. The Spruce Grove and District Chamber of Commerce External has nearly 600 member businesses and takes an active role in working with the City to promote economic and business development. The City contracts with the Chamber to provide Visitor Information Services and both parties recognize the importance of maintaining a positive business climate.

The City has a diverse industrial base that includes agriculture and food processing, oilfield services and manufacturing, heavy construction, transportation, secondary wood products, modular housing, etc. There are currently six existing industrial parks with 227 businesses employing an estimated 2,700 people. This provides the City with 1,250 acres of available industrial land from which 670 are currently developed and/or fully serviced.

If you are considering becoming an entrepreneur, or looking to acquire commercial or industrial space, check out our interactive GIS-based site locator External to see what exciting business opportunities are currently available in Spruce Grove.

Commercial Opportunities

The Retail Gap Analysis study PDF documents Spruce Grove’s current retail inventory and estimates the trade area retail expenditure profile across various retail categories. In addition, a detailed Consumer Intercept Survey PDF conducted by Keyfax Market Research was conducted to further identify Spruce Grove’s retail leakage by merchandise category as well as likes / dislikes and needs / wants.

Industrial Opportunities

Eight key industries have been identified as being very well-positioned in terms of their potential to succeed and contribute to future growth and development.