Key Industries

Eight industry / sectoral clusters have been identified as having significant growth potential for Spruce Grove over the next 10 years. This is not to say that other industries or sectors are unimportant, but rather that these eight are very
well-positioned in terms of their potential to contribute to future growth and development.

This determination was made based on the potential of these clusters – most of which already have a sizeable presence and established corporate champions in the City – to generate jobs, investment and direct, indirect and induced economic activity.

The eight clusters or high-potential growth areas which follow are not listed in any particular order, and include:

Transportation and logistics

Spruce Grove’s locational advantages are considerable, with close proximity and easy access to major east-west and north-south transportation corridors, the new Anthony Henday Drive ring road, all major transportation modes (CN main line, CN intermodal terminal, Edmonton International Airport, Port Alberta, etc.), and to a combined Capital Region population now well over a million residents.

Spruce Grove is strategically located as the western gateway to the Capital Region and has also emerged as a major regional service and supply hub to the resource-based regions to the west, northwest and north of the Capital Region.

Warehousing and supply

Spruce Grove has six industrial parks, including the new Spruce Grove Industrial Park and East Campsite Industrial Park. These parks are currently home to a diversified industrial base of 220 international, national and local companies that together employ an estimated 2,100 people. In addition, the Acheson Industrial Area, which is just 3 kilometres east of Spruce Grove, is home to a further 225 businesses, employing another 5,000 people.

There is an excellent supply of available serviced land for development, and Spruce Grove’s industrial land prices are among the most competitive for mid-sized warehousing and supply centre development in the Capital Region.

Food processing and distribution

Affordable cost structures, quality of life, and highly-competitive freight and logistical considerations – combined with excellent access to a well-trained, motivated workforce and to primary agricultural inputs – all underscore the growing attractiveness of Spruce Grove for food processing and food distribution.

With food processing already having a significant base in Spruce Grove, the City needs to continue to promote what is obviously a very strong and growing business case for these types of investments.

Environmental products, services and technologies

Globally, the environmental business sector, clean-tech and eco-industrial development represents one of the most rapidly growing areas of economic activity. Minimizing air, water and land-use impacts and mitigating the environmental footprint of industrial activity has become a big business in its own right.

Alberta is seeing similar growth in the cluster of industries that develop and supply environmental products, services and technologies. Spruce Grove – again, with its enviable quality of life and community amenities – has already demonstrated that it can compete for and successfully attract the innovative, knowledge-intensive firms and employees who work in these areas.

Oilfield and industrial services and manufacturing

Increased oil and gas-related activity in northwestern Alberta and north eastern British Columbia – primarily related to development of non-conventional reserves (oil sands, heavy oil, shale gas, tight gas, coal-bed methane, etc.) – presents a significant opportunity for Spruce Grove to build on its existing oil and gas service/supply base.

Destination retail, hospitality and food and accommodation services

Spruce Grove is the commercial centre for the tri-municipal region, an area encompassing over 70,000 residents. It is also the major regional commercial centre for the broader trade area in and around Spruce Grove, consisting of well over 300,000 residents.

This catchment area, and the attractive demographics of the population base who reside within it, provide the rationale for the proposed Westwind Centre Project – which would be located along the Yellowhead Highway at the Century Road interchange. This signature project is an example of how Spruce Grove can build on its strategic western gateway location, its proximity to major area transportation corridors, and the strength of its regional trade area.

Business and professional services

Business and professional services (consulting engineering, procurement and construction services, computer software design/development, web-based services, medical and legal services, financial services, etc.) have also been identified as a high-potential growth area for Spruce Grove.

A solid commercial presence already exists in many of these industries and this critical mass should help provide the impetus for further growth and development. Quality of life and strategic location will once again be the key drivers in attracting these types of firms and employees, and there have recently been several major success stories in this regard.

Event tourism

Spruce Grove has an array of premier sports, recreation and cultural facilities and amenities, including the TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre, Fuhr Sports Park (twin synthetic outdoor sports fields), the Henry Singer Baseball facility, the Agrena, Jubilee Park, Horizon Stage, more than 40 kilometres of trails, an extensive network of green space (106 hectares of forest and 202 hectares of maintained open space), and many other amenities.

The potential to utilize these facilities and amenities to host additional events and draw in more visitors and ‘sports tourists’ from across the Capital Region, Alberta and Canada was a topic that received much attention during the public consultations. As a result, a discussion paper on a regional event hosting strategy PDF was developed based on taking a more regional approach to attracting major events to the Tri Municipal Region.

View the Economic Development Strategy PDF for more information about Spruce Grove.