Quality of Life

Spruce Grove offers community members a high quality of life making it an attractive place to live and work. Aspects include:

Healthy active living

Spruce Grove offers a great trail system, over 700 acres of green space, and first-class recreational programming. The TransAlta Tri-Leisure Centre offers corporate membership discounts.

Safe community

Spruce Grove has low crime rates and an active Safe City program to reduce traffic accidents and public safety hazards. The City holds an annual community-wide graffiti removal event.

Cultural amenities

Amenities include Horizon Stage and the Melcor Cultural Centre which houses the library and art gallery. The City holds a number of events and festivals every year.

Community spirit

Spruce Grove has a high level of community spirit and participation. Several community groups offer volunteer opportunities in a range of areas. A variety of awards programs recognize local contributions.

High municipal service levels

Residents experience a high level of service and competitive tax rates. Examples include well-maintained infrastructure, high snow clearing standards, and a multi-pronged waste management program. 

Proximity to services

A service centre for over 70,000, Spruce Grove offers easy access to a range of services. These include a dynamic business community, public and separate education systems, medical services, and diverse cultural and recreational amenities. 


Housing in Spruce Grove is relatively affordable providing residents with more disposable income to save for the future or spend on extras.