Environmental Leadership

Spruce Grove is known for its strong environmental programming and leadership within the Capital Region. Maintaining a healthy natural environment is an essential component to the City’s approach to quality of life and community sustainability. Spruce Grove’s environmental programming includes both community and corporate elements.

The City is interested in working with the business community to create a greener Spruce Grove. The new Economic Development Strategy includes this as a priority.

Community initiatives

  • Waste management program
    Spruce Grove led the way regionally by introducing curb-side organics collection in 2001. Program since expanded to include curb-side recyclables and the Eco-Centre. Opportunities to work with the business community will be explored in 2012.
  • Peak-hour transit service
    Spruce Grove is the only community west of Edmonton offering transit service. While commuter-oriented, the service doubles as a limited local route. The transit service review is looking at how to evolve this service in the future. 
  • Open Space Planning
    One of the first in Alberta to develop a Parks and Open Space Master Plan, Spruce Grove features 744 acres of green space not including the new 60-acre Jubilee Park. The City works with developers to identify and protect environmentally significant areas.
  • Sustainability-Based Municipal Development Plan  
    Spruce Grove’s new MDP, Your Bright Future, provides a framework for growth and change based on community sustainability. It recognizes the role of partnerships, including with the private-sector, to successfully implement its community vision. It also incorporates findings from the City’s Eco-Industrial Plan.
  • Environmental Sustainability Action Plan
    Recently completed, the Mayor’s Task Force on the Environment identified five priority areas for moving forward: water, energy, transportation, waste, and land use/natural areas.

Corporate initiatives

  • Retrofitted all traffic lights and to high energy efficiency LED.
  • Dedicated staff resource to implement sustainability initiatives since 2003.
  • Initiated the creation of the Capital Regional Municipal Sustainability Group. Current co-chair.
  • Conduct reviews of operations and policy on an on-going basis to reduce environmental impact.