Population and Climate


According to the census completed in 2017 PDF, the population of Spruce Grove is 34,881, with a relatively even split between males and females. Spruce Grove is a family oriented community with the largest population being adults aged 30 to 34, followed closely by the 35 to 39 age group and then children aged 0 to 9.


Spruce Grove enjoys a mainly sunny climate with four distinct seasons.

Annual daylight: 4,488 hours
Average relative humidity: 68%


Annual average rainfall: 371 mm (15 inches)
Annual average snowfall: 77 cm (30 inches)

Warmest month: July

Average high: 22° C (72° F)
Average low: 11° C (52° F)

Coldest month: January

Average high: -9° C (16° F)
Average low: -17° C (1° F)