Using this Site

Some of the goals of the City of Spruce Grove website are to be visually appealing, easy-to-navigate, to provide access to well-written, web-friendly content that is current, and to provide access to external resources.

Our hope is that a wide variety of people can access the website easily, regardless of browser type, modem speed, visual or physical impairment, or familiarity with Spruce Grove or technology in general. Efforts have been made to ensure our website follows World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) External Link Icon. standards.


We have made our website viewable for people with visual impairments or physical disabilities by adding “alternative” or “ALT” text and “title” tags to most images and links.

Browser types and monitor settings

Our website is optimally displayed in the PC environment with Internet Explorer 8.0 or Mozilla Firefox 11.0, or any web browser that can read valid XHTML and CSS. It is best viewed on 1024 x 768 pixels and higher monitor resolution.

The website is considered functional on these browser types:

  • Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0 and higher (Windows)
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.0.1 and higher (Windows and Mac)
  • Safari 1.2 and 2.0 (Mac)
  • Internet Explorer 5.1 and 5.2 (Mac)

Enabling JavaScript for your browser

Some features on our website, including the homepage banner and left navigation, will not function properly if your browser does not have JavaScript enabled or does not support JavaScript.

Links to other websites

We typically provide links to other websites if their content is related to ours, if it is considered to be of value to our end users, or if we have an agreement with an event sponsor. External website links are marked with this symbol: External

If you would like us to consider linking to your website, e-mail us Email with your request, including why you think it would be important to our users, and a suggestion of where on the site you feel it should go.

Navigating the site

There are tools built into the site to facilitate navigation, including:

  1. “Breadcrumb” trail at the top of every page in the light blue bar that shows which pages led you to the current page. The links are clickable, so you can navigate back, if needed.

    Breadcrumb trail example screen.
  2. Left navigation with different shading to show when pages are nested “below” the current page. The background changes to dark blue for the top-level page, and lighter blues for pages below. The page / section title that you are currently on is bold.

    The left navigation will not function properly if your browser does not have JavaScript enabled or does not support JavaScript.

    Left navigation example screen.
  3. “Back to top” link at the bottom of every page helps you to quickly “jump” back to the top of the page – especially handy for pages with more text that have scrolling.

    Back to Top example screen.
  4. “Related Links” box appears in the right column of pages when there are internal or external links relevant to the page content. Internal links are marked with this icon: Internal, and external links with this icon: External
  5. “Related Tools” box appears in the right column when there is a “Popular Tool” from the homepage that relates to the page content. Each tool is marked with its own icon like this: Phone icon

Online Services 

Find out more about using Online Services

PDF files

Portable Document Format (PDF) are files used throughout the site, typically for large multi-page documents, documents that require security, or any document designed to be printed, rather than read onscreen. PDF files require the Adobe Acrobat Reader External to be viewed, which is a free download from the Adobe website, and are typically indicated on our website with the PDF icon: PDF

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader.

PDF file security

To enhance the security on our PDF files, we typically remove signature lines from official documentation. As well, documents that are intended to be printed and not modified by outside parties have additional securities applied.


All pages on our site are printable. The “printer friendly” version strips out the navigation, and only includes the text content by clicking on the printer icon Printer icon. in the top right corner.

Reporting broken links or corrections to content

If you find a broken link or a page that requires a correction to content, let us know by including the URL / page location in your request. If you are resident, we encourage you to use Online Services, and submit a service request. If you are a non-resident, e-mail us or call us at 780-962-2611.

RSS feeds

You can get access to subscribe to an RSS feed for our frequently updated web pages by clicking on the RSS feed icon  RSS Icon  in the top right corner.

Subscribing to an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed allows you to receive “real time” web page updates as they are published.

To receive the updates, you will need an RSS viewer or “aggregator,” which would be accessible from your e-mail, desktop computer, or mobile device. There are many RSS viewers available as a free download on the Internet.

Social media sites

We have a presence on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Your access to these websites may be dependent upon the security settings on your computer or network.

Text size

Text size can be easily increased on our website by clicking on the “Text Size” buttons with different sizes of the letter “A” to choose from: 

Text size indicator.

Wireless devices

You will notice a “Skip to Content” link at the top of every page. This is available for users on wireless devices to quickly access text content on our website. Our site currently does not support optimized or adjusted display of web page content on wireless devices.