Fuhr Sports Park

Fuhr Sports Park Photo. 

Bruce and Jeannette Fuhr Sports Park (formerly West District Sports Park) is the newest sport and recreation facility in Spruce Grove. The City of Spruce Grove is proud to own and operate a sport facility such as Fuhr Sports Park. Located at 211 Jennifer Heil Way External (next to the TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre), Fuhr Sports Park consists of many amenities including:

  • 2 Artificial turf fields – Melcor Field (west) and Moloney Electric Field (east)
  • Field house / dressing rooms
  • Concession (operated by WD’s Grill and Catering)
  • Rotary Playscape
  • Water feature
  • Picnic area 

Already the host of a few Edmonton Eskimo’s practices, provincial tournaments, and a number of Alberta Football League games, this complex offers endless possibilities. Our rates are comparable to similar sized complexes, while  providing a close-to-home sport facility.

In 2012, Fuhr Sports Park became a Joint Use facility. This allows local schools included the Joint Use Agreement to have free use of the facility during school hours, similar to other joint use facilities (such as the Agrena, Henry Singer Ball Diamonds and the tennis courts).

Free Wi-Fi on the SG_Free_Internet network available on top level seating and on the bleachers from 6 a.m. to midnight.

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Fuhr Sports Park rental 

Are you a sport or recreation group who is interested in hosting a tournament or run a local program? How about a family who would like to host a birthday party? Whether you are a family looking to enjoy an afternoon at the brightest playground in the city, an aspiring athlete playing a home game or an excited fan enjoying the view from the field house, the Fuhr Sports Park has something for you!

Find out how you can rent Fuhr Sports Park.

Rotary Playscape 

The Rotary Playscape is open 365 days a year. This incredible playground was designed by kids, for kids and provides opportunities for all ages to get out and play.

Free Wi-Fi is available at Rotary Playscape on the SG_Free_Internet network from 6 a.m. to midnight.

The City of Spruce Grove would like to give thanks to the Alberta Lottery Fund External and the Government of Alberta for grants received under the Major Community Facilities Program (MCFP) towards the development of landscaping and playground at Fuhr Sports Park.