Spruce Grove Trade Area

Spruce Grove is part of the tri-municipal region, an area encompassing over 70,000 residents, which includes the nearby municipalities of Stony Plain and Parkland County. The tri-municipal region essentially defines Spruce Grove's primary trade area (PTA).

The City's secondary trade area (STA) - extending about an hour's drive west of Spruce Grove and 15 minutes to the east (owing to a more competitive commercial environment) - is made up of another 245,000 residents.

Spruce Grove's total trade area therefore consists of 300,000 residents, a significant population catchment area for supporting new business, industrial development and additional retail and commercial expansion.

Spruce Grove's primary and secondary trade areas

CensusPTASTA (E&W)Total population
2006 65,443 179,699 245,142
2011 76,295 207,715 284,010
2014 (est.) 80,681 218,713 299,394
2016 (est.) 83,721 225,044 308,765
2021 (est.) 90,642 239,841 330,483

View the Spruce Grove Trade Area Profile Summary PDF for more information about Spruce Grove's trading area and the residents within. You will also find information about trade area delineation, population, age, household, average household income, dwelling by tenure, marital status, educational attainment, mode of travel and ethnicity and immigration profiles.