Economic Development Strategy

Economic Development Strategy Update & Action Plan 2017-2022

The City of Spruce Grove has updated the Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan, described below.  The updated Economic Development Strategy & Action Plan 2017-2022 PDF was approved by Council on June 26, 2017. 

Economic Development Strategy 2010

Spruce Grove City Council has approved Partnerships for Prosperity - Spruce Grove's Economic Development Strategy 2010 – 2020 PDF.

The strategy provides a clear vision and direction as to where Spruce Grove wants to go, communicates that vision to the community and outside world, and builds the partnerships that will be necessary for success. The Strategy covers the 2010-2020 period, but will be updated and extended at five-year intervals.

It identifies specific priorities and high-potential growth areas, operational strategies for improving competitiveness and further enhancing the business climate, and recommends a series of action items to encourage and support economic development in Spruce Grove over the next decade.

The key driver is financial sustainability and the need to grow the non-residential assessment base. This is essential to keep services affordable and provide local job opportunities for our residents.

The strategy was developed under the direction of a multi-stakeholder steering committee with representation from City Council, Administration, Spruce Grove and District Chamber of Commerce and other stakeholders. Nichols Applied Management provided consulting support for the project. 

Development of the strategy involved an extensive public consultation process. Participants had web-based opportunities to provide input and feedback and took part in nine workshops and interviews. Over 1,300 people participated in the process. 

The companion document to Spruce Grove's Economic Development Strategy, the Economic and Demographic Background Report PDF, reviews our competitive fundamentals and opportunities. The Partnerships for Prosperity Implementation Plan 2012 - 2015 PDF highlights the strategic elements, suggested action items, and recommendations.

City Council adopted the formation of the Economic Development Advisory Committee as per the recommendations in “Partnerships for Prosperity”.  The committee was established in March 2011.