Other Plans, Studies and Strategies

Affordable Housing Study

The Affordable Housing Study Looks at the local housing market and makes recommendations to create affordable housing suited to our community’s needs.

Capital Region Board and Growth Plan

Spruce Grove is one of 25 member municipalities of the Capital Region Board External. Planning policy in these municipalities must comply with the Capital Region Growth Plan.

Liquor Store Regulation Review

The Liquor Store Regulation Review PDF report addresses crime rates, the regulatory environment and common practices regarding liquor store regulations in the Capital Region.

Parks and Open Space Master Plan

The Parks and Open Space Master Plan provides a policy framework and vision to guide future parks and open space development.

Storm Water Management Plan

The Storm Water Management Plan PDF guides storm water management in Spruce Grove. Relies heavily on green infrastructure best practices.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan serves as a foundation for the City of Spruce Grove’s corporate planning to maximize opportunities, manage pressures, and enhance community members’ quality of life.

Urban Forest Management Plan 

Looks at the biodiversity of city forest stands and identifies potential threats to these stands.