Tri-Us Event Tourism

The Economic and Business Development department provides assistance to organizations hosting events in the City of Spruce Grove. These events must clearly demonstrate benefit to the community. 

  • Events which are National (representatives of more than one province) are eligible for assistance up to  $750.00.
  • Events which are Provincial (representatives of one or more Alberta communities outside the Alberta Capital Region) are eligible for assistance up to $500.00.
  • Events which are Regional (representatives of communities within the Alberta Capital Region) are eligible for assistance up to $250.00.

Alberta Capital Region Member Municipalities


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Tri-Us Event Tourism Sponsorship Application Form

Date of Request
Date(s) of Event
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Name of Organization
Mailing Address of Organization
Name of Event
Event Location 1
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Event Description
Number of Participants

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You may also apply by downloading the sponsorship application form PDF and return the completed form to Economic and Business Development.