McLeod Ave Roundabout Project

About the project

In 2016 a new modern roundabout was constructed at the intersection of McLeod Avenue and Nelson Drive. Check out some tips for navigating PDF the roundabout.


In 2015, the City hired Al-Terra Engineering Ltd. to look at the intersection of Nelson Drive and McLeod Avenue, as it was anticipated this intersection would become more congested as the area grows, especially with the extension of Nelson Drive to Jennifer Heil Way through the McLaughlin neighbourhood.

Al-Terra assessed the intersection and developed a functional plan, which included a recommendation to introduce a roundabout at that intersection.

Why a roundabout?

When looking at options to manage traffic volume at the McLeod Avenue and Nelson Drive intersection, a modern roundabout was selected for several reasons:
  • It will meet long-term traffic demand at the intersection;
  • It will provide a high level of service to drivers by offering free flow traffic, while also improving intersection safety; and,
  • It will fit within the existing right of way and will not require the acquisition of lands.
Furthermore, because vehicles are not forced to stop, there is the added bonus of reducing delays, congestion, noise and fuel consumption.

The design of a modern roundabout also accommodates vehicles of various sizes, as large trucks can get around using the truck apron, while smaller vehicles are accommodated within the paved roadway portion of the roundabout.

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View a video animation of the roundabout project