Why Spruce Grove

With 33,640 residents and an annual population increase of 5%, the City of Spruce Grove is one of Alberta's fastest growing cities. Spruce Grove demonstrates economic resiliency and is designated as a priority growth area of the Alberta Capital Region. A total trade area of 300,000 residents is a significant population catchment area for supporting both commercial and industrial business development.

7 reasons to consider Spruce Grove

  1. A supply of serviced industrial land in modern industrial parks at prices less than half of what you would pay in Edmonton, and a wide range of industrial buildings.
  2. Located on the TransCanada Yellowhead Highway, 11 kms west of Edmonton, Spruce Grove is the western gateway to the Edmonton Region and is well connected to major transportation routes. 
  3. A local labour force offers employees a commute time of less than 10 minutes.
  4. A large diversified commercial and industrial base provides services required to operate a business.
  5. Immediate access to fully integrated emergency and protective services.
  6. Amenities and services within minutes of home and some of the highest service standards within the province in promoting environmental sustainability.
  7. Our City Council is dedicated to ensuring an attractive business and investment climate.

View the business profile package to read about the advantages of doing business, living, and investing in Spruce Grove, and check out what people are saying about us.